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You Really Think You’re The ONLY One That Knows The “Real” Them?

Sometimes, you find yourself in the rather vex position of feeling like you know the ‘real’ side of someone and that ‘everyone’ around them is being fooled. You see them going about their life as if everything is great (and it could actually be going great for them) and yet your head is still spinning from their treatment of you. In fact, your life may be in absolute array after your experience with them – your self-esteem may be shot and the last thing you think can do at this time is attempt to go on your life… Continue reading “You Really Think You’re The ONLY One That Knows The “Real” Them?”


Rant: Unmarried and Childless…

So, the more and more I look around and have conversations with people I notice something….

Since when is it frowned upon to be in your twenties, unmarried and childless??

What is funny is that a lot (NOT all) of people who are WITH child are ashamed/unhappy that they are with child and single…But earth the people with kids, have no fear… you are no longer the’s us the women who are childless and unmarried who are…so now we are the ones being look at like we are a disgrace…o_O apparently.

Oh how morals and standards have changed… Oh well, I am proud of who I am and what I have (and DON’T have) No one can ever make me feel bad for not having a baby…that shit can’t be returned to the store like a pair of shoes…