The Dark Knight Rises Movie Review (feat. Fernando)

So over this past weekend I went to see Batman with the biggest comic person I know, Fernando!!! Most of you guys met him way back when I did the Boyfriend Tag on my YouTube Channel.

Now he is great with movies and the history of comic book story lines. He’s loves that stuff. Originally I  was going to do my little quick review of the movie and say how amazing it was and all that, but knowing me, my review  would have read, “Oh my God, this movie was so amazing and so much action!! Bane was great! Batman was great and Anne Hathaway was a great Catwoman.” ~ The End. LOL. I know what I am good at, and writing movie reviews isn’t one of them.

So since this was an AWESOME movie!!! I decided to have Fernando chime and give his review…So here it goes: Continue reading “The Dark Knight Rises Movie Review (feat. Fernando)”