30-Day Blog Challange

30 Day Self-Reflection Online Journal Challenge – Day 18

Today’s Topic/Question: Do you feel like you’re doing what you were born to do??

Day 18!!

Disclaimer: DO NOT comment on any grammar issues during these 30 days…I don’t grammar check when I write in my physical journal and I won’t do it here. It’s RAW here ok! Thank you.

Do I feel like I am doing what I was born to do? I feel so attacked.

So I think I was born to be a creative. Even though I am doing things that showcase that, I know I am not doing it to the capacity that I should and want to.

I always tell myself, I am constantly striving to to build and grow that side to make a a full-time thing…so to answer the question…NO…LOL

But I’m working on it…

What were you born to do…are you doing it?

Day 18 Down!!!