30 Day Self-Reflection Online Journal Challenge – Day 15

Today’s Topic/Question: Brain DUMP!

Day 15!!

Disclaimer: DO NOT comment on any grammar issues during these 30 days…I don’t grammar check when I write in my physical journal and I won’t do it here. It’s RAW here ok! Thank you.

For Those who don’t know what a brain dump is, here a quick Definition: “A brain dump is simply the act of dumping all the contents of your mind onto paper as one might dump the contents of a purse onto a table. You” are spilling out stressors, your nagging thoughts, your pesky annoyances, things to do, etc.

Halfway through this 30-day challenge, I feel like a brain dump is in order!! LOL After thinking about and writing about things you haven’t thought about in a while or in detail…it might have brought on some other feelings, ideas, etc. So figured today would be a perfect day to do some brain dumping…depending on the tone of this brain dump (angry, sad, reflective) might I also add a suggestion, plan a song/album that you usually play when you are in that mood. My tone is a little mad/irritated/annoyed…So just so you guys know I am playing the The Notorious K.I.M. Album!! Specifically the song Suck My D*** LMAO! Just so yall know where this is headed. Obviously I am not going to use names…

All I ask for is communication! If you are no longer able to do what we were doing, say that. A simple, “Hey, I can’t do this right now, fall back.” WORKS! Yes it hurts but at one point I was living my life without you and was doing just fine…So it’s not that deep. We ALL have things going on. So I understand, but the NO COMMUNICATION, NOT Responding…I can’t tolerate. Yes so there’s that. Men really have to get this macho macho thing out of their head and actually learn to vocally and effectively communicate. Just like y’all can’t read our minds, we can’t read y’alls either.

I had someone tell me Men can’t deal with women’s emotions when they are on there period…I also had that same man tell me, that I act like a dude…So you don’t like when I act like a dude, but don’t like when I am actually emotional (as women are)…SOOOOO…where exactly on the scale do you want me…cuz….OH OK! Makes no sense to me.

Another thing that’s been annoying men who think ALL women are dying to be MRS. ANYONE!! Sorry I am not desperate to just anyone’s wife. I’m good. I want someone who I WANT…and someone who WANTS ME as much I want them. Like I CAN’T settle for anything less. I love the feeling of someone sweating me and vice versa and neither one of cares the other is doing so. So yea, I guess a lot of people are built like that anymore and everyone wants everyone to chase (Male or Female) but at some point SOMEONE gonna have to let up.

Ok business wise, I REALLY need to focus on my Shop and YT Channel..I think we sometimes get so wrap up in our jobs…we forget our dreams…And I really can’t get wrapped up in thinking THIS IS IT! Cuz it ain’t Bro..Like I just can’t!! I I hate it HERE!! Literally. I actually can’t stand my “job” Yes I helps pay the bills, but I’ve never disliked a job like this ever! So yea, Reanell You need to focus and get back on the ball. Be more consistent and do the things you need to get out of this, because this is ridiculous! Like seriously, you have no idea how much I leave this place annoyed AF almost every damn day when I leave…My meditation sessions are getting longer in the evenings because it is taking me longer to calm down. I am not built for this kind live of clocking and clocking out…Like this is GHETTO!!

What are you Brain Dumping today?

Day 15 Down!


30 Day Self-Reflection Online Journal Challenge – Day 7

Today’s Topic/Question: Describe yourself in 10 words.

Day Seven!!

I’m going to hop right into this one. No disclaimer needed since it is just a list a fa quickie…I’m late on my post, but I’m here!!!

  6. KIND
  8. MOODY
  10. LOVING

How would you describe yourself in 10 words…Ima be honest thinking of 10 was hard AF!

Day 7 Down!!