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Mood Rant!!!

I had this conversation a while ago w/ myself…and people keep talking me out of that feeling…but ppl keep proving me right…

I’ve come to realize that I just may not be relationship material anymore…for the new wave of dating…not b/c I’m an ass hole or a jump or anything of that nature…but (here’s the kicker) because I am consistent…attentive…caring…adaptive…I listen…selfless…make the effort…need I keep going??? I’ve come to realize that shit is a waste of my time/energy…cuz it is no longer something people even value…they question me why I respond so fast, why you answer when I call so fast…why you do something for me I didn’t ask you to do…people want YOU to wait just in case something better comes along for them…wait until they figure out what they want…wait until they get their lives together…(even people who don’t like the “new school” dating, they don’t even realize they’ve adapted this new version)…I’m old school…I like you…you like me…we vibing…we have chemistry….we click…we laugh…I’m all in, and don’t want to risk losing you…everyone has no problem losing people they actually care about, being that they have so much pride and scared to be vulnerable…or you point out one thing…they think there is this whole big issue…like damn LISTEN!!!!! stop going off the deep fucking end everytime I mention something…people can’t take any criticism anymore…if I’m trying to teach you what I NEED to feel love and you think I’m mad…it’s like you AREN’T LISTENING!

Or if that person just isn’t it…tell them and let them the fuck go…don’t text them to call them & then be confused when they catch feelings…like if you don’t like them and see a future with them…BYE! They told you what they were looking for…A RELATIONSHIP! If you are no longer looking for that BYE!!!

STOP SIGNING UP FOR SERIOUS DATING SITES IF YOU AREN’T READY!!! Log on to Tinder and POF if you just looking to BS around and stop wasting people’s time who actually looking for something serious and KNOW they want something serious!!! And wasting people’s time who was willing to put in the effort b/c they feel you are worth it…there SITES & People out they who are looking for that…and that is actually EASIER to find…stop wasting people’s time who wants a relationship!!!!

I could’ve been left the fuck alone!!!

Yes I am single and no I’m not interested in dating anymore…my heart really can’t take anymore disappointment! đŸ’”

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