30-Day Blog Challange

30 Day Self-Reflection Online Journal Challenge – Day 16

Today’s Topic/Question: What are you thankful for?

Day 16!!

Disclaimer: DO NOT comment on any grammar issues during these 30 days…I don’t grammar check when I write in my physical journal and I won’t do it here. It’s RAW here ok! Thank you.

So obviously I missed posted yesterday, but don’t worry I’ll be posting twice today to catch up. Yesterday was super long and super busy at work, then had a long nail appointment after work, Yall now how new sets go! LOL I was soo beat! So yea SORRY! But let’s hop into this topic.

First and foremost, I would say my obviously my daughter!! She is like such a blessing in my life. She’s taught me patience and what honestly the closet thing to true love I will probably every feel. I can only hope I take of her so that she is ends up being decent human being in this world…LOL

Secondly, My MOMMA!! LISTEN!! I can do a whole post about her alone. She is my rock! Literally! She has save me from falling sooo many times….she’s picked me up sooo many times when I actually fell flat on my face. Not to mention she is has taken on keeping my daughter until next year. A much needed break!! THANK YOU!

Lastly is my friends! Shoot that could be a whole other post in itself. They annoy the shit outta and are there for me at the same time! LMAO!! Doe that make sense…To me it does and to them it does as well! HAHA! They are my actually one of my life lines, and unknowingly talked me off the edge, I can’t even express how much I love them and quite frankly need them. As much as I like my peace and quiet, every now and again it’s nice to have them around.

What are you guys Thankful for? Comment down below, so things/people you are Thankful for!

Day 16 Down!

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