30-Day Blog Challange

30 Day Self-Reflection Online Journal Challenge – Day 11

Today’s Topic/Question: What would I tell my future self?

Day 11!!

Disclaimer: DO NOT comment on any grammar issues during these 30 days…I don’t grammar check when I write in my physical journal and I won’t do it here. It’s RAW here ok! Thank you.

Maaaannnnnn….OK. So I guess it depends on where I am in life in the future…LOL But we gonna be positive and assume I am where I wanna be or on the right track to get there. I guess the first thing I would say is YOU DESERVE THIS!! I think sometimes we get to place of peace or happiness we start questioning, do I deserve this? Wether it’s a form of Love or Success, or whatever. YES!! I do! This is actually something hard for me to understand at times. I would also say, keeping going! To me we are always growing & learning. If you stop either one of those you become stagnant. And that is not something I want. Since I crave adventure and excitement I know this is something I will still be doing and seeking. I mean I may be a little more tamed but…still need to level of mystery going.

Also I would say, don’t forget to reach back. Bring others (that you trust) with you. I always want to keep in mind that YES, I want a level of success, but I also want that for my friends and the people that I love. And if I get there before them I have the means to help them in there goal (not financially…let’s not get carried away here), but maybe now I have access to a world they didn’t, I can now reach back and bring them with me and expose them to maybe things they needed but didn’t know how to reach them. SHARE the knowledge is what I am saying.

I don’t know what else I would say. Stay Strong. Stay Focused. Remember Take time for yourself when you need it.

That’s honestly all I can think of at the moment…What are somethings you’d tell your future self? Leave them down below so I can read them and get some more ideas!!

Day Eleven Down!!!

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