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Signs That You Don’t Want to Be Happy…


  • You keep becoming involved with emotionally unavailable men.
  • You keep taking on the role of being The Side Chick, The Other Woman, or whatever the kids are calling it these days. LOL
  • You go out with the Ass Hole Or the “Bad Boy” because you think they are more exciting.
  • You keep dating the same ‘type’ that makes you feel miserable and sometimes less than.
  • You meet a, “nice guy” who wants to treat you right and invest time in you and you say they are “Too Nice” or claim that it must be a front.
  • You want to be in a steady, committed relationship but keep sleeping around or being used sexually by guys, which eventually just breaks down your self esteem even more, which in return stops you from getting the relationship you may want (and deserve).
  • You get the opportunity to break up with the guy that is mistreating you, but you eventually take him back because you don’t value yourself enough and think it’s better to be with him, than starting all over.
  • You truly believe that it’s better to settle with anybody, than be alone.




1 thought on “Signs That You Don’t Want to Be Happy…”

  1. I agree with the first bullet point. My marriage is far from perfect , but I have sister who has been chasing after the same guy for more than a year. She loves basket ball and he knows it. Well, she invites him and he says because you want me to go i’m not going and seeing each other once a month, no lets play it by ear and let’s not put a time to anything lets go with the flow. So, she puts an add on craigs list for a date to the game. Im scared she will run in to mr. wrong or hey maybe it will work out. My sister is a teacher and desires love, she has no kids and is single.

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