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DevaCurl SuperCream Coconut Styler is Here! (+ Giveaway {Closed})


Last month I had the pleasure of attending a product testing along with other influencers for a new and exciting product from DevaCurl. I’ve used DevaCurl products briefly in the past, but I hadn’t use their products in a LONG while, not for any particular reason so I was very excited to hear and learn about their new product that was geared towards coilier textures, plus this was the first time a major company reached out to me for me to work with them!!

I had the chance to personally test and use the new SuperCream Coconut Styler, which was release on July 7th, and I must say I was really impressed. This NEW rich, coconut oil infused styler contains key ingredients like coconut oil for healthy-looking shine and moisture, jojoba protein to boost elasticity and strengthen curls, and corn starch for touchable hold and frizz control. As with all of Devacurl products, the coconut styler does not contain any sulfates, and is paraben and silicone free. Now you guys know anything with coconut I am willing to try.

Pictured: Mel Burgos (@rock_yo_rizos), Cryss (@style_dose), Myself (@TotalDivaRea) & Brit (@bwatuwant)

I did arrived to the testing event with a fresh wash n go BUT, I really wanted to see how well this product worked on freshly washed hair and do a style that I would normally do, as a wash n go is not a hair style I do often so I asked to have my hair washed. Isabella Vasquez quickly No Poo’d my hair and told  me  she wanted me to use the SuperCream as a detangler instead. I was instantly taken back, I was like OK?!? I usually detangle with a conditioner and NOT a styler, so I was so nervous. But I did managed to detangle and twist my hair in under 30 mins. NO COMB.

I sat under a hooded dryer for about an hour or so, since I obviously couldn’t really let it air dry overnight, Unraveled  my twist and fluff up and picked the roots. I had shiny, soft, and a defined  fluffy twist out. Super Cream is EVERYTHING!!


It’s nice to see  Devacurl creating products for us 4 type textures because I was never drawn to DevaCurl because their products always seemed to be more geared towards looser textures and I just never really worked for me as my hair got longer, but now that they have this, They’ve gotten my attention. And I actually revisited some of their No Poo products and and Conditioners since trying the SuperCream and I must say I wonder why I stopped using their products, becasue they are really amazing.  I am definitely going to be trying this product out more and more and in different ways. I highly recommend you Guys try it and let me know below what you think!

They do have a few more products coming out in the fall that are all about moisture! So make sure to follow them on Instagram for upcoming products announcements @mydevacurl

GIVEAWAY TIME!!!  would like one of you guys to have the opportunity to try it SUPER CREAM. Here are the Giveaway Rules:

That’s it!! I will select a winner randomly.

Giveaway ends, Jul 31st, 2015 11:59p.


13 thoughts on “DevaCurl SuperCream Coconut Styler is Here! (+ Giveaway {Closed})”

  1. I don’t have a FB
    My Instagram – @_aracelis

    I want to try the Super Cream because I’ve tried their Styling Cream & it’s just too light for my hair. My needs heavy moisture, I get a ton of frizz

  2. i have long, fine, super frizzy, ringlet-spiral curls. i have had color correction, breakage is a biig issue. i just started using a detangler(mane & tail)which helps, but is not great. i’ve also used deva products, am just using the light gel now. a combo of detangler & styler sounds wonderful, i’m glad it worked for you, i would love to try it!

  3. My instagram is: misspiggyspiggy and I liked you on facebook under the name Carol Spigner.
    I want to try this cream because well it sounds absolutely amazing! I’ve been natural for a few years now and I always thought I didn’t have curly hair. My hair would look like one big poof ball. It wasn’t until doing some research did I learn what type of hair I have (low porosity) and that I actually do have curls, but they just need a little extra help to pop! My hair lovess coconut oil so this supercream being coconut oil infused is a dream come true. I’ve recently did a trim (about an inch all over) for neatness and health and I would love to use a product to help the health of my hair and it make it bouncy and frizz-free after my twist outs!

  4. You had me at coconut oil! I love that DevaCurl is coming out with a product line for kinky hair. Can’t wait to try this cream!

  5. So happy that you love the new product!!! I am in love myself. I am Kamla-Kay, the model to the left that is in the SuperCream ad. After they used it on my hair I was sold. We learned that flat twists gave my hair even more definition so keep an eye out for more SuperCream updates on my hair :). Hope to meet you at a Deva Curl event one day. All the best, Kamla-Kay @KAMLAKAY

  6. Great post!

    I tried using DevaCurl products when I first started my journey as well, and I thought that they weren’t that great for my hair either. Glad you found a styler that makes it easy to detangle along with everything else! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Victoria Sallie

  7. What products did you use to make your hair grow so fast? I’m desperate!
    As of now I use coconut oil and raw shea butter and I keep my hair in two strand twist
    Please text me anyone who knows what else I should do

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