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Updated Haircare Regimen & Staple Hair Products


Finally!! I am here with my updated hair care regimen. This has been one the most requested items for me to do and I am finally getting to it.
Over the past year a few things have changed and few things have stayed the same. Also just to let you know all the products I mention in the post can be found in my Amazon Store HERE. Please note this is only going to focus on my MUST HAVE ITEMS and nothing else. I may do a separate post with my top 5 styling products, but for I’m gonna stick to basics of what actually contributes to my hair health, strength and growth. So let me jump right into it.

First off, I DO NOT take any hair vitamins. No Hairfinity, No Biotin, nothing hair growth specific. I got that question a lot, so I figured I address that first.

These days I am NOT using any shampoo. I’ve gone back to my ACV rinse and that seems to get my scalp the cleanest. Depending on my build up depends on the measurements I use. Sometimes I use half ACV half water if my scalp is really dry and dirty; other times when it it’s not so bad I do one part ACV2 part water. After doing the ACV rinse, I co-wash my hair. I only do an ACV once a month.

I do co-wash my hair every week. My go to conditioner is the Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Hydrating Conditioner.  I use to use this one ALOT when I first went natural, but it was a a little to pricey for me to buy all the time, so I jumped ship for while. LOL BUT, the price of this conditioner dropped and bottle got bigger so I was back on it, and it is one my favorite co-washes and I am glad I brought it back to my regimen. Now while I was not using the CD conditioner I was using the Tressemme Naturals Conditioner, which I still Love and still use, which one I grab really just all depends on my mood. The both work really well my hair and both have great slip, the only real difference to me is the smell and of course the Tressemme Naturals is ALOT cheaper. Other than that I love them equally the same.

length check

As far as deep conditioning goes and my hot oil treatment, I now do both of these on the same day (or wash week). I found that as my hair got longer my hair need a little bit more moisture. So usually I will do a hot oil treatment for at least 30mins (at most overnight). I rinse that out (if I am doing an ACV rinse I don’t rinse it out before the AVC rinse), co-wash. The oil mix that I use is the one that Naptural85 came up with and that has been working amazing on my hair. (I also use this oil mix as a sealant). After I co-wash and then apply my deep conditioner. The one that I am currently using and loving is the Shea Moisture Organic Yucca & Baobab Anti-Breakage Masque, which is AAAMAZZZING!!! I love this deep conditioner. It makes my hair feel so soft and moisturize. I also use this SM Yucca Masque to do my protein treatment (which I do once every 6 months or so, usually when/if I am using heat one my hair). What I do for that is add and egg and some EVOO and it is MAGIC!

My leave-in is still the same!!


Yes I am still using the Cantu Shea Butter Leave in. My favorite hands down! It has never failed me…LOL. I mean do I really need to go into detail…LOL I’ve spoken about it before in a pervious post HERE. This and some Coconut Oil I am set and ready to go! Sometimes I like to also use a lighter conditioner sometimes, for either a really quick wash n or if I am blowing out my hair and want something for a more fluffier look. The one I use is the Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Leave In. Also for styling and/or added moisture I still use my Shea Mix, which I also talked about in a previous post as well HERE.

So those are the basics and the base of my haircare regimen.

I hope this helps you guys If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me!

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