30-Day Blog Challange

30-Day Blog Challenge *Day 8*

Your current relationship status; if single discuss how single life is. If you are in a relationship, post a picture of you & your significant other and how you met.


I am happily in a relationship, most of you already know his name is Fernando.

So we met back in 2004 at college. We actually never dated during that time AT ALL we were just good friends. Once we both left the college, we stayed in contact and stayed friends. Now fast forward 6 years, in 2010, I was seeing this guy who played football (not a boyfriend or anything just someone I was seeing casually) and it turned out that Fernando’s was on a team that was playing against the guy’s team. (Coincidence or Fate?? LOL) So after the game I hung back to say “bye” to Fernando and catch up a bit. He invited me to come to one of their home games the following Saturday, which I said I would go.

For some reason after I drove off I found myself attracted to him in a way I never considered. Not that I never found him attractive physically, but I guess it never crossed my mind to date him, I guess since we automatically kept ourselves in the friend zone and never crossed that line or even hinted/flirted for anything else. Apparently he felt the same b/c after that Saturday game he asked me out. I wasn’t even looking for a relationship but we click instantly, without any pressure and without even trying (just like our friendship), and here we are almost 3 years later creating our own memories and talking about a future.

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