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It’s A Review: Curly Twirls Review

Hey Guys!!! I am back with another review. This is on a new and growing product line called Curly Twirls.


This line launched back in 2012 and is already in hundreds of beauty stores across the US. They are continuing to grow and expand more states over the next few months. So If you haven’t seen these products in your area yet, you will soon :-). These products are all free of Glycol, Paraben, Mineral Oil and Petrolatum. they also contain Argan Oil. The price point for these products is $5.99!!! VERY affordable.

So now that I’ve gotten the background information out way, let’s get into the products!

Sulfate Free Shampoo


I really enjoyed the shampoo. It got my hair very clean, yet kept it very soft and moisturized. The smell of all these products have like a flowery scent to it. Very girly and pretty. Shampoos are usually straight forward.

Moisturizing Conditioner


LOVE LOVE LOVE!! This conditioner is amazing! Very moisturizing and left my hair feeling so soft, like velvet. I didn’t need to use that much on each section. I used it as directed and left it on my hair of 3-5 mins, and once I rinsed it out I couldn’t believe how soft my hair was.  Being that the 1st 2 ingredients were Water and Glycerin I shouldn’t have been be too surprised that my hair was so soft!

Leave-In Conditioner (Detangler)


This leave-in was really nice. I was able to detangle with no problem. I do also do a lot of detangle before I even start washing so my hair was already a little detangled, however, when I finger detangled I didn’t get any snags while I was running my fingers through. Again, I didn’t need to too much product as well.

Spritz Styling Serum


Honestly when I looked at this I was so confused on what I should use this for or how I can use it…I’ve never been a spritz kind of girl. I know puddings and butters, but a styling serum??? BUT, I actually took my time and figured out what can do with it. I actually ended up using it to smooth and seal my ends for a twist out and it was perfect! It really helped smooth my ends and keep them from frizzing up. Now once I notice that I realized it would also be perfect for roller sets as well. This is a really nice product (Not a Staple, but a nice luxury).

Argan Oil Hair Treatment


Throughout my journey I’ve never used Argan Oil or anything that had Argan Oil (except for my Eco Styler Gel), but I always wanted too, so I was happy I got a chance to try this out.  I used this 2-ways. The First Few times I just rinsed my hair with it (after washing and conditioning) before I applied my leave-in, so seal. Then when I did my Twist Outs, I used it to seal my damped hair before I applied any styling products, I also applied a little to my hair before taking my twists down. I REALLY like it. The oil is a very light oil, and doesn’t weigh my hair down AT ALL.

Curling Custard Styling Gel


So I saved the best for last. This is by far my absolute FAVORITE from the entire line!! Mainly because is the best thing for a wash go that I have ever used! Ever since my hair has gotten longer, I stayed away from doing wash n gos too often, because I never like how they turn out. BUT this product gave me the perfect wash n go. It defined my curls, kept my hair soft and moisturized and it just looked sooo goood..LOL (pictured below)

20130720_203250Yea that just happened!!! This Custard is amazing!! How many times do I have to say AMAZING!! LOL

Overall, I really enjoyed the line. My favorites are definitely the Conditioner and the Curling Custard. Everything was just so light weight and moisturizing and almost effortless. I will continue to use these products, especially for my wash n gos!!

Make sure you check out my video and demo I did on these products!! Also if you want to find out if these products are available in your area CLICK HERE!!

Lastly a special thank you to Noah from Curly Twirls for giving me the chance to try these products. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed. Thank you soo much!

6 thoughts on “It’s A Review: Curly Twirls Review”

  1. ive used the custard alone. and it gets a little hard but not crunchy. can i use a iol over or under it to keep it from getting hard???

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