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My Thoughts on Protective Styling

So started a protective style challenge back in September 2012. It was originally not on purpose, LOL, I just realized I spent the whole month of September in constant protective styles, so I decided just to continue doing so. My goal was to keep my hair in protective/low manipulation hair styles until my 2 year Naturalversary (which was April 9th, 2013).

Once I started my PSC, I was kind of bored. In the beginning all I was doing was different variations of the Marley Bun…LOL. Which don’t get me wrong I love my Marley Bun, but I just couldn’t justify doing that for the next 6 months…LOL. So eventually I stopped thinking about and just did styles as I thought of them, as you will see some examples below.
Protective StyleCollage

I did give my hair a break a day or two, here and there. Just to give my edges and nape a break as well. Also, before I decided to start my challenge, I already had a scheduled heat pass for October, for Fernando’s birthday, which I still took; at that time I blew out my hair (pictured below).

blow out
I probably wore my hair out about 5-6 times over the 7 month time frame.
I did notice that my hair was moisturized and I didn’t need to moisturize constantly. Sometimes I went 4-5 days w/o re-moisturizing my hair, sometimes longer. Especially when I did my mini braids. My ends feel very smooth and healthy, which was an awesome plus. Every time I took down a style I felt like my hair was softer and more manageable. What I did find it that protective styling kept my mind off of length which made me focus more on health, which in return gave me length :-).
Overall, I would say I really enjoyed protective styling and I will probably pick it back up in the fall…HOWEVER, for the next 4-5 months I have NO intentions of protective styling. As much as I enjoyed it, I still enjoy my hair out more. PLUS, my hair LOVES the sun and warmth of the spring and summer months, so I will not deprive her of that…LOL

MY Pros and Cons of Protective Styling:

  • Time Saver
  • Helps retain length and moisture
  • Low maintenance
  • Versatile
  • Protects your ends from damage
  • Just gives you hair an overall break


  • Can get very boring & repetitive

YUP! That’s my only CON. I gets PRETTY BORING!! Protective styling is not everyone’s taste. Do I think it’s crucial to my hair journey? NO, it’s not CRUCIAL, but it doesn’t hurt to do it every once in a while.

What are you guys’ thoughts on protective styling??

1 thought on “My Thoughts on Protective Styling”

  1. I must say that I am in the twist out stage from my big chop; I can’t do much. My hair is easier to take down and soft from being twisted. yes, it is convenience involved with protective styling. Yes it does keep me from stressing over length. sometimes I wish I would have big chopped earlier

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