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A Trip through My Wash Day!! (Deep Condition Week)

So I skipped wash day last week so it’s been about 13 days since my last wash and I think it is about that time! 

YUP, a Hot mess!! LOL…But that’s ok, nothing a little deep conditioning can’t handle.

But since I went so long with out washing, I decided to do an Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse before I shampooed. Some do this before they shampoo, I’ve seen people do it after they’ve shampooed and conditioned, but for me since I really only like the ACV rinse to cleanse my scalp and I am NOT fond of the smell so,I do it first.

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse Recipe:

1/2 of ACV

1/2 of Warm Water

1/3 Aloe Vera Juice

1 teaspoon of honey

A few drops of Grapeseed Oil (or your oil of choice)

I put this mix into an applicator bottle with a tip so that it is easy to apply directly to my scalp. I massage that into my scalp with my finger tips. I spend a lot more time working it into the front of my head b/c that is where my scalp gets the driest and flakes the most.

After I applied the ACVR I let it site for about 3-5mins, just so it can soften the scalp residue, then I rinsed with cool water.

Then I shampooed with my Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Shampoo, rinsed, and applied my Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Conditioner and detangled my hair.

I applied my Deep Conditioner (CD Black Vanilla Hair Smoothie) without rinsing my regular conditioner out. I put a shower cap on and my Heat Therapy Wrap. I let that sit for about 30-35mins

Once I rinsed I was ready to style my hair how ever I wanted! I decided to just band my hair and let it it dry over night. If you want to see how I band my hair Click Here, The next day I just went a head and did some quick Bantu Knots using just my Carol’s Daughter Healthy Hair Butter.

To see live video of my wash day, check it out HERE!

Make sure you check out my My Bantu Knot Tutorial!!

2 thoughts on “A Trip through My Wash Day!! (Deep Condition Week)”

    1. Thank you!! 🙂

      Not that often, only if I skipped a wash day. Which is rare.
      ACV can be drying if done too often. but when I major product build up and need a serious clarify (most of the time when I’ve skipped wash day this occurs) then I’ll ACV rinse

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