I was very interested in finding some colored contacts, but having astigmatism it was very hard because you can only wear toric lens.  Growing up I’ve never worn colored contacts because I wasn’t really interested and honestly finding some suited for my condition was hard so I never bothered.

  • Just to give you a Quick definition of what Astigmatism is: Astigmatism is an eye condition with blurred vision as its main symptom. The front surface of the eye (cornea) of a person with astigmatism is not curved properly – the curve is irregular – usually one half is flatter than the other – sometimes one area is steeper than it should be. When light rays enter the eye they do not focus correctly on the retina, resulting in a blurred image.

For me my eyes sometimes take a little bit longer to adjust to light and the shape of my actual eye is more football-shaped than being round.

Anyway, I search YouTube for suggestions and honestly there were only a hand full of videos about colored contacts for people with astigmatism. For the ones I did find involved circles lens sites. So I can across a site, and decided to order from there. There were a couple other sites that sold toric lenses, however they didn’t go up –7.00 power that I needed.

I ordered the Dali Extra Gray. (Pictured Above: Contacts in Case)

I actually REALLY like these contacts. They are very comfortable. I will say when I first got them, it took a few times of me wearing them for my eyes to adjust. But expected that because my eyes do that with my regular contacts.

Here is a picture with one eye with the contacts and the other with out.

Even though the site is for circle lens, I don’t consider these circle lens because my eyes weren’t really any bigger, they just changed the color. With astigmatism you can only play around with the size but so much, so I wasn’t really looking for contacts to make my eyes bigger.  So I got what I wanted and what I paid for, contacts to change the COLOR of my eyes.

I will warn you that they do take about a month to arrive which I didn’t mind I wasn’t in a rush and they also tell you that up front.

These are inexpensive. They cost $65.90 per pair {with w free case per pair} and they are good for a year. In comparison to my regular contacts which cost me about $100 for only a three-month supply. Now, I still recommend getting your regular contacts, because I wouldn’t really suggest wearing these more than 6-8 hours. To me they aren’t really good for long time wear, like your regular ones probably are. That’s just personally what I think. Hey, if you are able to wear these all day go for, but I don’t recommend it. LOL

I was very happy with my purchase, I will definitely be purchasing a couple more in different colors.  If you would like to check out their site, they do have contact for “regular” contact wears as well which you can get larger lens, Click Here. Also check out my video Review Here.

**Disclaimer: I was not contacted by said company to review this product. Everything was purchased with my own money. I am not affiliated with this company and not paid to make this review. These are my honest thought and opinions.

4 thoughts on “Review:”

  1. I was just debating whether or not to order from that site. With my high prescription and astigmatism, I was starting to get discouraged finding colored contacts that would suit me and I didn’t want to waste money because I was desperate. I found your review very helpful! Thank you!

    1. You are very welcome! Check them out. I have two pair right now (Brown & Gray). My prescription as well is VERY high, and I see just as well (if not better) with these.

  2. Hi, it’s been a while since any posts were in here, but I was also trying to find circle lenses and thinking about ordering from, have you ordered any recently? Any troubles? Thank you for your help!! 🙂

    1. I haven’t ordered from in a while. I now order from
      There contacts are amazing and they have a wider variety and the shipping doesn’t take as long for some reason.

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