Rant: Debbie Downer and Negative Nancy…

I posted this as my Facebook status yesterday…so I decided to post it here for clarity.

You every had that one friend who is always complaining about their past decisions and/or their current place/situation in life?? It is honestly SOO annoying!!

My Status read:

“people really need to get over feeling sorry for themselves…that shit is pathetic!! We all make our own decisions!!! Now LIVE WITH IT!! This whole “Whoa is me” stuff is really annoying and it makes NO ONE want to be around you. And people wonder why they can’t keep a woman/man, it because you’re always walking around with a sour ass face all the time, fighting to break a smile that shows teeth, complaining about the decisions of your past, guilt tripping everyone else every chance you get to try to make someone feel bad because YOU lack self-love and complaining to everyone how unhappy you are. Your negative attitude will always keep you bitter. Grow the hell up and move one with your life. Everyone around you is (or at least trying)…Life waits for no one, it keeps on going…#imjustsaying”

All I am saying is, no one wants to be around negativity and eventually your friends AND family will separate themselves from you, unless it is for a special occasion. If all you do is complain about how bad you life is or you situation, you need a reality check! You can’t always get what you want or what YOU think you Need. Be happy your alive and keep chugging along, because no one is stopping their life to listen to you complain and life isn’t stopping because your unhappy.

You don’t like it change it, if you can’t change it accept it.

It maybe hard to do, but it’ll be even harder when no one is in your corner supporting you because they are all tired of your negativity.

Another thing that pisses me off about people like this, is they always want to give their two cents about what you should do in your life (or relationship) and judging you and how you live your life. I’m sorry are you not the one that is single and can’t keep a man/woman?? It’s like a Fat person giving you diet tips -_-. If anything you need to fall back and pay attention and take some lessons from them.

Is this directed to a specific person? No. If you take offense then you must be one of these people.

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