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Hair Care Regimen Part Three(Styling Products)

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Shea Butter Mix & Carol’s Daughter Healthy Hair Butter

The reason I included these together is because I pretty much use them for the same thing, it just depends on what I reach for first. I have actually been using Shea Butter for years, before I was even natural. My Mix Contains all the oils that I mentioned in Part Two. I use Shea Butter and CD Healthy Hair Butter for mostly braid outs when my hair is dry or blown out. However I do like the CD Healthy Hair Butter also when my hair is wet. It contains beeswax, so it gives a great hold and it is very moistrizing.

Carol’s Daughter Loc Butter

I absolutely LOVE this stuff! It is 100% Natural. The smell is not that great, but it is very moisturizing as well and gives a great hold. My one warning about this product is USE VERY LITTLE on each twist/braid. If  you use too much your hair will look too greasy. Which actually this a good thing for your pockets because since you don’t need that much this will last you for months! I little bit seriously does go a long way for this product.

Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie

I only bought this product honestly b/c of Natural Candi’s Juicy Braid Out Video. It was Beautiful! So I decided to go out and get it and try it with My Shea butter mix and LOVED it after just the first try. I love using the Curl Enhancing Smoothie with my Shea Butter OR the CD Healthy Hair Butter. The only difference I see is that the Healthy Hair Butter has more of a hold; with my Shea Butter, it is more fluffy, less defined.

Eco Styler Gel (Argan Oil)

Lastly is my gel. Now please keep in mind that I do not slick up my hair that often, but when I do this is my go to. Especially for my High Buns and Marley Buns. In the beginning when I had a TWA, I really only used it for Wash N Gos but as my hair got longer I started using it for slicked up styles. I don’t really like that hard gel feeling, but sometime is necessary for that serious hold. To loosen up the “hard gel feeling” I usually apply some kind of oil BEFORE I apply the gel.

So that is really it for Part Three.

To see the video Click Here.

Any questions please post them below.

Part Four I may not do a full-out blog post I just may link my video for part four since It’s more  “extra” kind of stuff and wrap up!!

So until Next time…

4 thoughts on “Hair Care Regimen Part Three(Styling Products)”

  1. Perfectly, the article is within reality one of the most excellent for this valuable subject matter. I harmonise using your conclusions and in addition can thirstily anticipate your on its way updates. Simply just saying thanks definitely will not simply be enough, to the awesome lucidity in your writing. I will undoubtedly quickly pick up your rss feed to stay surprise of any kind associated with updates. Wonderful work and also much achievement in your enterprise dealings!

  2. I love your hair !!! and I love all of the details that you have provided. I am now natural and transitioned over via weave. I am currently wearing crochet braids because I wasn’t pleased with the length of my hair once I came out of the weave. I really think that it could have grown longer and been healthier if I was aware of the importance of taking care of your hair while under a weave. My hair stylist mentioned nothing about these natural products.
    Okay, better late than never…, I have been using the Carol’s Heathly Hair Butter and Coconut oil on my scalp while wearing the braids. Do you think this is enough moisturize for now until I take these out?
    I am not sure what products I should be using….my hair is 4c if that helps…
    Please let me know your thoughts as I want to try to keep my hair as healthy as possible while wearing these crochets…thank you!

    1. I definitely think the CD healthy hair butter is enough. It is very moisturizing.
      Once you take u crochet braids out do a good wash and deep condition, your hair probably needs it by now. Check out my YT page for my hair care regimen for some suggestions (video # 90, 91 and 94)

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