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Hair Care Regimen Part One (Shampooing, Conditioning and Deep Conditioning)

Ok Ok. I am finally getting around to this!! My apologies! I know you guys have been asking me questions about my hair care regimen for a while so here it is. This is installment one [out of four] of my hair care regimen series. The reason I broke it out is b/c I didn’t want the video to be too long. Plus, for my blog post if it was going to be long I wanted it to be long because of detail, not because I am just listing a bunch of products in one post. So this first installment is going to focus on Shampoo, Conditioner and Deep Conditioner.

Just to start off with the “technique”. So it kind of goes hot oil one week, deep condition the next week and just back and forth; that way every week I am doing a treatment. Note: Hot Oil Treatment will be touched on in a later post.


I shampoo once a week. Again, there is never a time where I have gone longer than that. I use the Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Shampoo. I really like this shampoo. I know a lot of naturals don’t like shampooing because they find it to be very stripping, but for I prefer for my hair to feel clean and nothing in it. That is just my personal preference. Might I add I LOVE the smell, anything Vanilla scented has my heart.



The conditioner that I have been using is the Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Conditioner. I was so EXCITED when I found this conditioner. Of course the smell is amazing, but it is also very moisturizing and has GREAT slip. I have used it for co-washing in the past (which it was great for), however, since with co washing you tend to use A LOT at a time,  I stop using it for that b/c I was going through the bottle way too fast…LOL. And at $16 a bottle I can’t afford to go through it that fast, which brings me to…


Now with co washing I found that since my hair has gotten longer I actually don’t co-wash as much as I use to…maybe once or twice a week (But I can go the whole week without co-washing). This is because I usually try to keep my hair stretched all week and co washing would just shrink my hair. BUT, there are time when I do co wash and that is usually when my hair has been slicked up with gel sometime throughout the week, and since I don’t like keeping the same gel application all week I will co-wash it out and re-style. So that is usually the only time I co wash. Oh and what I use to co-wash is the Herbal Essence Hello Hydration conditioner. Which I LOVE!! Is has the best slip EVER! Like seriously as soon as a apply it, I can instantly run my finger through my hair. Love It! Since summer is approaching I may start to co-wash more often because of the humidity and more sweat production, etc. I also like doing wash n go styles more often in the summer.

 Deep Conditioners/Protein Treatment

The deep conditioner that I am using is at the moment is no other than the Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Hair Smoothie, which I love. I usually apply it and leave it on for about 25-30 minutes using my Heat Therapy Wrap. I sometimes leave it on longer (or even overnight) if time permits.

Now as far as a protein treatment goes, I do not do then as much as I use to; before I use to do them every two weeks. Now I would say I do them every 2 months. The reason is because I find that since I am VERY consistent with my regimen I don’t feel the need for it that often anymore. I still use the same protein treatment from before which I mix myself. It consists of Mayo,1 egg,  Honey & EVOO, which I also leave in for at least 30 minutes with the heat wrap.

To see the video Click Here.

So that is all for Part One of my hair care regimen, Part Two


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