Rant: Unmarried and Childless…

So, the more and more I look around and have conversations with people I notice something….

Since when is it frowned upon to be in your twenties, unmarried and childless??

What is funny is that a lot (NOT all) of people who are WITH child are ashamed/unhappy that they are with child and single…But earth the people with kids, have no fear… you are no longer the minority..it’s us the women who are childless and unmarried who are…so now we are the ones being look at like we are a disgrace…o_O apparently.

Oh how morals and standards have changed… Oh well, I am proud of who I am and what I have (and DON’T have) No one can ever make me feel bad for not having a baby…that shit can’t be returned to the store like a pair of shoes…

6 thoughts on “Rant: Unmarried and Childless…”

  1. I agree sis, i think its pretty disturbing the way the popular opinion among the masses has changed in this manner. I think.with our society growing to accept.pretty much all walks of life that this type of view will start to become more popular.

    1. Like granted I can accept someone who has kids and say…good for them…if that’s what they wanted, but it annoys me when people go, “What you waiting on.” UMMM….like I ‘m waiting on a husband…I’m waiting to travel alteast 3 different countries first, i’m waiting til I can but my first pair of Christian Louboutins and them maybe I’ll consider (underline that word consider) having a damn baby! Like when is that all life is about?!?! I just had to get that out…

      1. Smh. People are a trip nowadays. There’s so much more in life I want to accomplish before I even consider unleashing my spawn upon the world lol

  2. Yo, I am feeling you so hard! I am 23 and I don’t want kids for a long time. My sisters are both younger than I am and have kids. That’s just not the life I want for myself at this stage. Not to mention, these things take a lot of time and energy and well, I enjoy my sleep and my freedom to do as a please!

    I feel like people are used to seeing so many people in their 20’s with kids and being married–>sometimes, that now it is an expectation. People always want to run someone else’s life!

    1. EXACTLY Yolanda!! It just boggles me…like I thought I was doing things the “right” way -_- LOL.
      I enjoy my freedom and everything else. I like knowing I can get up and go on vacation without worry about who’s gonna watch the baby? I like knowing when I get paid, the extra money i have, goes to a new pair of shoes or getting my nails done…just knowing my money goes to myself…Call me selfish, but fortunately I have a right to be…LOL
      and then people with kids are walking around like, “Oh my child is the best thing that has ever happened to me.” However, everytime I see you, you look misreable as hell…LOL and I’m like, Are you sure it’s the best thing that has ever happened to you…”

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