I am currently in the process of working on my FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) video. I have received lots of questions during my natural hair journey and I feel like creating a video answering all you guys questions, is the easiest way to get all your questions answered at one time. Please post your questions below, hit the ask button to the left or simply email me at AskTotalDivaRea@totaldivarea.com. A Video answering all your questions will be posted

Another thing I am working on, which I am very excited about, is a NEW advice section of my Blog. You Guys know that I love blogging about relationships/sex issues, problems & situations. This New section will be Q&A. You guys can ask me ANY question about a relationships/friendships problem you are having or a situation you are going through that you would like my opinion on. I will post your question in that section, followed by my response.

You will be left anonymous {if you don’t mind using you username (or First name) please note that some where in your email). Please sign the email at the bottom, the way you would like me to address you in my response. For Example: Signed, Broken Hearted, or Signed, Torn. Be creative when being anonymous, try using something that is relevant to the situation you are writing about.

For this section, please send you questions, via email ONLY. When sending you email, please put “Advice Column” in the Subject Line. Those questions can also be sent to AskTotalDivaRea@totaldivarea.com

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