Natural Hair

A Conversation with my Hair: Protective Styling

The picture bellow is of a FULL sew-in (no hair left out) I got on 10/8/2011.

This was supposed to be the 1st style as part of my 6 month protective style challenge…

Now don’t get me wrong…this sytle is super cute!! But please remember I’ve been natural for 6 months and I LOVE MY NATURAL HAIR. I wasn’t one of those women who did a BC & kept it in braids, weaves & under wigs right after…I haven’t had any kind of extensions, since I BC’d

So when I got this sew-in in my mind I was ok this will be a good way to start my challenge. I had plenty of sew-ins before. Before I BC’d I loved a good sew-in (and I must admit this was a GOOD ASS sew-in, it was done very well…as my stylist always does)…But within a day or 2, I was FED UP!! Not with the style it self, but just the idea of not having access to not only hair, but also my scalp for at least a month. It was too much…

You know, even if I wash a sew-in, how much product would REALLY get to my natural to make sure it’s being kept up…I didn’t know, and I didn’t want to take the risk. I just wasn’t feeling it. SO, yesterday (10/13/2011, barely a week since I got my sew in), I hit my stylist up and said, HOUSTON, we have a problem!!…And this is what I went with instead…

So this morning when I woke up and looked in the mirror (after I finished tweaking my hair a bit). This is the exact conversation I had in my head w/ my hair:

Hair: Hi Reanell, How are you??? I haven’t seen you all week. Who was that girl pretending to be you for the past few days??…

Me: Who are you talking about???

Hair: You know, the girl with the short straight hair??…I didn’t like her.

Me: Really??

Hair: Nope. She made feel like an outcast. Thank you for coming back!!

Me: Your welcome I didn’t like her too much either.

Call me crazy if you want to…But even though hair can’t actually speak words, it’ll tell you when it’s just not feeling it. Lucky for me it just hit me with that emotional punch as oppose to the usually, l, “ok we are going to start shedding and drying out until you get the hint, punch”…LOL

My hair wasn’t feeling it and neither was I. One thing I’ve learned over the past 6 months is, LISTEN TO YOUR HAIR, IT DOES SPEAK TO! I went natural for a reason. And one of reasons was to learn about my hair; and sometimes to learn you just have to stop doing and just listen…

I have figured out MY own way to make it through these 6 months…and have styles in my head that I know I will be more comfortable with. Even though I know my hair won’t be completely OUT for the next 6 months, I’ve learned there are styles that can still give me some kind of access to my hair so I care for it as I see fit. For me, having a sew-in gives you NO access to your hair…Maybe I’m wrong, but either was I my hair just wasn’t feeling it and I going to listen.

Might I add, For only 6 months, my hair is beasting!! LOL

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