Relationships & Sex

Where is all this going???

Have you started to catch feelings for someone you know you shouldn’t? Or someone you just knew was not into serious relationships? 

This question is mostly to the guys, girls can answer too, but to be honest, as females we tend to be a lot more emotional than guys…


When you are just “dating” someone, no commitment or anything like that, it’s just casually dating, how do you not catch feelings for that other person? 

Most female, or better yet any female worth having, after a certain amount of time (which can vary quite often…depending on the intensity or lack thereof, in the situation) there comes a point where that “conversation” comes up. You know the conversation…that awkward conversation about “where is this all going”…like is this leading to a relationship, and if so, when…or if it’s not…do you go your separate ways or just continue until someone gets hurt or too deep involved where they can’t take it anymore and yall just end everything on bad terms…like I think there’s a point in a “situation” where you can speak on stuff like that without the someone’s feelings getting hurt and that’s if your honest about it and how and why you feel a certain way, and move forward with a relationship or just remain good friends…b/c there does come a point where the you have to hit reality and separate from the physical relationship and look deeper…I mean that’s if you looking for a serious or more committed or exclusive situation…even if there’s no title…..

Now if both parties aren’t not looking for a relationship at the time of that “conversation” (which is rare that both parties wouldn’t be looking for a relationship or the conversation would have never came up) then you like I said it can continue on until someone gets deeper involved and attached…especially when sex is involved…but whose ever really looking for a relationship, you go with the flow right…yea but sometimes the waves are more than you can handle…


You ever realize after you have sex with someone (GOOD SEX, that is), things change, all of a sudden you become kind of…it’s almost animalistic…like how dogs urinate on a tree, after that they don’t any other dog coming to pee on “their tree” But in actuality, whose tree is it really? There’s no guaranteed that some other spiteful ass dog will come along and pee on it too…right?…Weird analogy I know. But think about for a minute. Just like in real [human] life, just b/c I’m F***ing someone today….doesn’t mean they won’t be F***ing someone else tomorrow…and that has to bother a person to some extent…No one voluntarily wants to share the goods, unless there was some kind of agreement on both parties.

Basically the point of this is to ask 1 thing:

When and/or how soon is the right time to have that awkward where is the relationship going conversation? Or does there even have to be one?

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