Relationships & Sex

“All I want is you…NOW”

Why is it that after a relationship ends, for whatever reason, the other person all of a sudden they realize they’ve made a huge mistake? They now come back to ask for you forgiveness and a second chance to make it up to you.

I know there’s a quote out there: “If you love something let it go if it is meant it will come back.” But what I don’t understand is, why should I have to let go what I love, just for it to come back? Why can’t people just get it right the first time??


Now I’m sure many of us have been in this situation, I know I have, what did you do? Did you take them back? For me, I have in the past, but as I got older I guess you can say I’ve learned not to.

Not because I didn’t think they’ve changed or because I no longer cared about them. But to me, I real man, recognizes a real woman and wouldn’t dare let that go. You know left the door open for someone else to swoop down…

Now I do agree that some people deserve a second chance, but sometimes you can’t rely on that second chance or let people know that you’re open to second chances. So you have to make the best of the situation that is front of you when it’s there. You know how some people say, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity…That’s how I personally look at relationships. We aren’t guaranteed another day, or another chance.

Even though I feel that way, It doesn’t stop me from the “what ifs.” What if I could’ve given him that second chance? Would things have worked out? MMMM…maybe, maybe not; but that wasn’t a chance I was willing to give.


To me, once we’re over, we’re over…I am all about second chances, but I am only willing to give those to someone I am committed to and an ex boyfriend looking for a second chance isn’t someone I am committed to. Maybe I was at one point I was, but not now. I mean I guess if you really love someone, you’ll take them back….Right???

I can forgive someone, but it doesn’t mean I have to take them back.


Why are there so many games when it comes to love? Is it is so hard for some people to see what they have, when they have it?


Do you give second chances when it comes to love???

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