Relationships & Sex

Where ya Ring At???

I’m wondering why is it that when females are in relationships, they put married or engaged as their relationship status when they are neither engaged or married, instead of just putting “in a relationship? Like almost engaged doesn’t = engaged…& almost married doesn’t = married. (FYI ladies just because you’ve been with a dude for some odd years don’t mean u guys are married). Some please explain this miss guided trend going on…

Ok so know that you get the drift…

Why do women do that?

Have women have become so obsessed w/ not wanting to be alone or obsessed with the idea of being married, that every time they get into a relationship they are calling men Husband instead of Boyfriend…I don’t understand…Using the words wifey (and hubby) is just so immature and childish. We are too old to be playing these kinds of games.

Like Hello Ladies, it’s almost 2011! We are much more independent and in some cases, More Successful than our men! Call him what he is…your man, boyfriend, significant other, partner…Anything other than Husband…Like that is a big responsibility that people don’t seem to understand.

If I’ve been dating a guys for 4 years plus, he’s still my boyfriend. I don’t care if we are together for double that…

Until he proposes….When you say yes to the proposal…You are then engaged. and I will call him my Fiancé’…and then, when you walk down the aisle and you both say I do…You are then married and you call him your Husband….See how this works People!!!

There are steps for a reason. It seems like more and more people sre treating marriage like a joke, instead of a lifelong, committed & serious relationship.

Like they say…Why buy the cow, when u can get the Milk for free…and Ladies giving a man this type of power/control over u at your own will is just one of the MANY ways you’re giving the cow away for free…

Being someone’s girlfriend is hard enough. But being someone’s wife should be something that is worked for harder, longer and with much more sacred…

And by the way…these the same chicks singing “Single Ladies”

If u liked, then u should put a ring on it”…

Well, ask yourself this question ladies…Where’s your ring at? He obviously doesn’t need to give you one because you’re calling him Husband without one anyway!!!


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