Relationships & Sex

Passion is Always Needed

Women are emotional & passionate creatures. Men seem to be scared of that sometimes. They are scared of our passion, which always seems to be too much. So my question is: What the Hell is too passionate?

Relationships are hard. Some people don’t care to understand that 2 people are coming together. Together so that we can share ideas, and understand the other person’s thinking as way of life and then finding away to mesh it into one.

Some people grow together in a relationship. Some people grow apart. The people who grow together are the people who understand this concept. People who grow apart who people who basically live with making enough effort with each other to understand each other.

To be in a relationship you can’t be selfish in your own ways. You have to expand and experience your partner’s likes, even if you don’t like it, it’s a compromise. Relationships are all about compromise. People can be so selfish and lose the idea of what a relationship is all about. This is where arguments and fights start. Now don’t get me wrong, people will always have disagreements. But if you see you having the same argument over and over again, you may need to re-evaluate your relationship.

Now back to passion…

Why be in a relationship if you’re not going to be passionate about it? If you’re going to be in a relationship why only give 40-50 percent Now if I going to go out of my way and call someone my boyfriend and basically promise to be loyal and faithfully to him…That’s right I going to give 100 percent. If I didn’t want to give my all, then I would just be single and date around…excuse me if I take being a relationship seriously…If I’m not going to take it seriously, again, Y be in a relationship???

Relationships are 50/50 a , 2 way street…If you’re not willing to let someone in your life then be single, but eventually that shit gets lonely. So if you really want to be in a relationship take is serious, don’t waste your time on someone you don’t see yourself with in the long run, because honestly you won’t put in as much effort to keep that relationship going if you know you have no intention on it going anywhere. If you go hard! Of course you do hold back something…But put your best foot forward, so at least if it doesn’t work out, you know it’s not because you did something wrong and you gave 100 percent into something you care about?


Why is it that people can give 100 percent in a career they truly want, but hesitate to give 100 percent to a relationship you truly want?? Both are life changing scenarios and neither one are guaranteed? But why do meaningful relationships get put to the back burner??


Real Love calls for Real Passion.

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