Relationships & Sex

More Money Please!!

What classifies a woman as a gold digger??

Does choosing the man with more money classify you as a gold digger, does choosing the man with less money mean your standards are too low??

Think about it this way, if you met 2 guys handsome, smart, funny, sensitive, caring…except…one makes about 30k, the other makes about 100k; who would you choose? In my head I’m thinking why wouldn’t I choose some who makes good money? Does this classify me as a gold digger…NO…you may ask well why not? If you prefer a man who makes 100k over a man who makes 30k, that’s’ gold digging…No it’s not and shall explain why…

No matter what you say, women are attracted to successful men…Period. It’s a turn on, it’s sexy, it show maturity and dedication. Now there is a VERY thin line between gold digging and wanting more.

Now success doesn’t ONLY mean financially successful…A woman who is real and genuine would know this…A gold digger doesn’t see it that way.

Where I find a woman to be a “gold digger” is when they PURPOSELY and ONLY seeks out men who make large amounts of money and not even hesitate to turn down a man who makes less than what she wants. They feel the need to want someone who they feel can support them. Gold diggers also tend to except a lot and they have nothing to bring to the table themselves. Gold diggers will leave you when times get rough and business may not be going so well. Some may not really care to actually spend time with you unless you’re doing something for them. And hey if that’s how you get down, more power to you. Do you!

But that’s not me. I’ve dated all types of men. The rich ones, poor ones, the, “let me hold $20 till next week.” Ones, the straight up trifling ones are stingy, selfish and needy like a woman. Now don’t get me wrong I see no problem with maybe having a standard of what you would like, especially if you’re like me and have a reason why you avoid dating men who don’t make a certain caliber of money. It doesn’t mean you right off men who are less than what you expect, but you will probably a little more cautious to do so. Like Kayne says, “I ain’t saying she a gold digger, but she ain’t messing with no broke niggga”

Bottom line, a Gold Digger wants you solely for your money. A “normal” woman wants you for you. They want to spend time with you, get to know, split the bill sometimesJ. They are willing to give just as much as you, and at times more. A real woman will see that money isn’t the only thing that makes you successful.

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