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Lingerie for Hips & Curves??

Oh yes!! You read that title right!

After having my daughter I wanted to find some sexy pieces but I gained weight in a lot of areas (for the good) *wink* So going to the local Victoria Secret…It honestly just wasn’t cutting it.

So after some research I found a site that literally offers Lingerie for sizes 10-28, Hips and Curves!!

red babydoll


They have tons of cute & sexy items. I know I fall between the lower end of the sizes, BUT my biggest issues is the bust area. Having a small waist and them a size G bust makes it SUPER difficult to find lingerie that fits me. And this site also over some larger cup sizes!


So definitely go check out the site! let me know in the comments which pice is your favorite!



NEW Moda Collection!!!

I did a unboxing on my channel last week, but I also wanted to post some pictures of the NEW brush sets available from the Royal and Langnickel. These are the MODA MYTHICAL line! So Let’s just jump right into this, because you guys already know how I love the brushes from Royal & Langnickel so there’s no need for me to get into that right?


Star Travel Kit

This is a 6pc set (include holographic zip pouch, not pictured). This is giving me all types of  unicorn vibes. They are super unique and so much more affordable than some of the other brushes I’ve seen that look similar to these. This set is exclusive to Walmart and can be purchase HERE! (Don’t forget to use EBATES to get that cash back as well!!) Price just under $17 on the Walmart site, you can’t go wrong.

This kit includes:

  • Blush Brush: Define your cheeks for perfectly blended results, I also like this brush to apply my pressed or loose finishing powder
  • Complexion Brush: Create an even, natural finish with cream or powder foundation (also works very will with liquids)
  • Domed Shadow Brush: Apply eye shadow smoothly to define eyes.
  • Crease Brush: Perfect for precision blending in the crease of the eye, however since this brush falls in the larger side of my mini eyes, I like to use this brush to contour my nose, or apply a sweep of color to my lid or inner tear duct area.
  • Angle Eyeliner Brush: Soft angle brush with a chisel edge for a precise line at the lash line or brows (By far my FAVORITE sized angled brush).
  • MODA Holographic Zip Case


Splash Travel Kit

Can you say MERMAID!! Ok Ariel, I see you!! HA! This 6pc set (includes holographic flip case, not pictured) is for all the mermaid lovers out there. This set can be found on the Royal & Langnickel site for under $20 (make sure to use my coupon code: TOTALDIVAREA for 10% off) Check the out HERE!

This kit includes:

  • Powder Brush: The perfect brush for buffing and blending to assure that all your contouring and foundation are uniform.
  • Complexion Brush: This brush allows for precise application of makeup.
  • Highlight & Glow Brush: Perfectly shaped to apply precise highlights to your entire face.
  • Crease Brush: Perfect for precision blending in the crease of the eye.
  • Eye Shader Brush: Sweep and blend eye shadow over the entire lid.
  • MODA Holographic Flip-Kit Case

Both are labeled as travel. They are SUPER light yet super durable. These are reasonable priced and they do not sacrifice quality for price, so expect the brushes to last. Did I mention these brushes are VEGAN? Just another reason to love them!

Check our more from the Mythical Collection HERE!

You can check out my Live unboxing below.

Let me know in the comments which set is you favorite and going to pick up!



Cat Halloween Makeup using ONLY Makeup! (Beginner Friendly)



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Juvia’s Place Saharan II Palette Swatches

Hi guys!

I really want to share my swatches from the new palette from Juvia’s Place!


The Saharan II Palette is bringing super pigmented shadows that is competing with some of the bigger low AND high end brands. Their products manage to be very well made and great quality while keeping the price point very affordable. Super cute and inspiring packaging is just icing on cake, so lets just get into the swatches and pictures!

Price – $21.50

Where to Purchase – https://goo.gl/TdtsW6

Use Wikibuy to find a coupon code for $ off!

Left to Right: Marrakesh, Aziza, Hadiya
Left to Right: Berber, Nomad, Chefchaouen
Left to Right: Fez, Zohra, Taza


Angle 2.jpg

Just to let you know, my favorite shades are Nomad, Chefchaouen & Zohra. Not to take away from any of the other colors, because they are all beautiful and have great pay-off, but for me, those 3 are the ones that stood out to me.

What shades stand out to you?? And will you be picking this palette up? (Which I highly recommend you do) But, Let me know down below in the comments! You can check out my live unboxing of this palette on you channel HERE!

Shout out to all the Black Owned Businesses who are killing the game!


New Arrivals from Coach

I usually don’t do these kinds of post, but I just HAD to come and share something that caught my eye!!

These new Coach Fall Floral Handbags Tho??? Bomb.com is an understatement.

I am not on the market for a new handbag, nor is it in my budget, but that doesn’t mean I can’t admire from afar and at the same time share it with you guys just incase you are like me and just like new things to look at and admire, or if you got some extra money you want to use to gift yourself with something nice…Check out some of these new Fall ready Handbags!

First up, Foldover Crossbody Clutch in Glovetanned Leather w/ Tea Rose Tooling.

Price – $250

Color – Dusty Rose

Direct Link – http://go.magik.ly/ml/76ta/

Foldover Crossbody Clutch In Glovetanned Leather With Tea Rose Tooling

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I have been having this thing for crossbody bags for the past few months. They are super convenient and can hold everything  need, cash, debit cards, phone & lip balm. This Dusty Rose color is so Fall. If you are a simple and/or don’t like carrying much with you, and enjoy being hands free (which is my personal favorite feature about a crossbody), this is a great option, but it’s not as expensive as I thought.

The Coach Swagger 27 in Glovetanned Leather w/ Tea Rose Tooling is next on my Wish List.

Price – $695

Color Options – Black or Pale Blue

Direct Link – http://go.magik.ly/ml/76tj/

Coach Swagger 27 In Glovetanned Leather With Tea Rose Tooling

This bag is a lot bigger than the 1st one. Obviously right? LOL. This one has 2 color options, which Black would be my preference. It features inside zip & snap pockets, fabric lining and a detachable shoulder strap, so being hands free is still an option with this handbag, but holds A LOT more!

Lastly, is the priciest, but I just couldn’t deny how gorgeous this bag is! The Rogue in Pebble Leather w/ Tea Rose, is just a FABULOUS bag!!

Price – $1200

Color Options – Melon or Beechwood

Direct Link – http://go.magik.ly/ml/76tp/

Rogue In Pebble Leather With Tea Rose

I mean honestly, how can you not like this bag? This Pebble Leather handbag has an inside zip and french purse pockets. It has fabric AND Suede lining. The straps can be linked together so you can, again, get that crossbody feature that I love. This bag is also compatible with the Coach interchangeable straps, so you can change it up and personalize it to your style. Doing the most is necessary with this bag.

Coach is really on to something with this Rose Tooling detail. Which if I am honest, I’ve never been one for “flowery” style things, but these items here have made me a believer.

You can check out the rest on the NEW ARRIVALS from Coach HERE! Check it out and comment below what are some of your wish list picks!


Fall Ready Makeup Beginner Friendly







Fall Makeup.jpg


Yall know I love Glassesshop.com

Hey Guys!!!

So I am back to show you guys another pair of eyeglasses from one of my favorite sites,GlassesShop.com. [Check out my previous one Here] This site offers prescription eyeglasses & prescription sunglasses. These particular lens I’ve NEVER seen before which make them super unique and right up my alley.


These Faux Wood Frames though??? LOVE!! This site continues to impress me with all the Unique Frames they offer. And at an low cost! #Winning. They offer several different glasses styles and they are available for both men and women. This is still my go to purchase glasses online!

And you guys know I can’t leave you without a coupon code. Use Coupon Code GSHOT50 and you can get 50%off on eyeglasses or sunglasses with free lenses (sale frames are excluded from coupon). That is a great DEAL!!!!

So that’s it guys! Make sure to go check out the site!  They have glasses for everyone and every style you can think of. Don’t forget to tell them who sent you!



Beginner Friendly Smokey Eye

Red Lips Blog Post

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Just Me.jpg

Natural Hair

Moisture Love Review

Hey Divas!!!

So I am back with a products review on some new products I received! I’ve been dying to try out this line so I am so stoked to share my thoughts on this line.

Blog Picture.jpg

When I first caught wind of this line it was called Coco Curls, but they have rebranded themselves to focus on what their line is truly about…M-O-I-S-T-U-R-E! Moisture is main key to maintaining and caring for natural hair. I am so fortunate to be able to collaborate with this brand to bring you this review. NOW, don’t get it twisted even though this is a collaboration I am not being paid for this review, so all opinions are my own and my own experience with the line. Since that is out of the way, let’s just get into this review so I can answer all of your questions, and justify you going out and purchasing these products.

The products that I received are the Gentle Embrace Hydration Shampoo, Deep Indulgence Replenishing Conditioner, Sealed with a Kiss s Finishing Oil and Kindred Spirits Moisture & Style Cream.

Let’s start off, the smell. The smell is pretty consistent throughout the line. Smells sweet like fresh baked pastries or something…LOL But definitely not overbearing but quite appealing.

For the Gentle Embrace Hydration Shampoo it is a pretty basic shampoo, has really nice consistency and creates a nice lather. Not a lot of bells & whistles to pull out. My hair was clean but not stripped, so if you like a non-stripping shampoo I highly recommend this one.

The Deep Indulgence Replenishing Conditioner is SUPER THICK!!! It is not runny at all, I kind of almost wished it was in a jar for me to scoop out. But I ended up using this as a Deep Conditioner, I only left in on for about 15-20mins w/ my Heat Therapy Wrap. My hair was really soft and I was able to detangle my hair pretty good with this conditioner.

The Kindred Spirits Moisture & Style Cream…we are Kindred Spirits!!! This is probably my favorite out of the entire line! When I first tried it, I tried it out on a Twist out which came out SUPER DEFINED and soft. A LITTLE BIT GOES A LONG WAY! I can’t stress this enough, even though the consistency is very light the moisture packs a HUGE punch. The next few times I tried it, I used it for my wash & go…and y’all KNOW I am not here for wash n gos usually, but with this product I must say I am a believer. My hair was So soft and defined, I got about a good 3-4 days out of both styles, which is about how often I do my hair anyway so that was perfect.

Lastly, the Sealed with a Kiss s Finishing Oil was a nice sealant, I used it 2 different ways (kind of) LOL When I did my twist out I did the LCO method when I did my wash n go I did my usually LOC method! It worked out nicely each way. The oil added a nice sheen to my hair as well as locking in the moisture!

Twist Out
Twist Out using the LCO Method
Wash N Go
Wash N Go using the LOC (Stretched using Banding Method)

Not that we have gotten the basics out of the way, let’s get down to the nitty gritty…Pricing. The pricing range is $16.50-$27.50. It is by no means the cheapest on the market but for what you are getting and and how long the products will last, to me it is completely worth it. So you’ll definitely get your moneys worth.

Did I mentioned this is a Black Own Business?? If not, well it is! And I’ll spend and extra few coins to support a B.O.B. #FACTS

Overall, I really enjoyed these products. The Moisture was on 100! Which is a great thing! The Style Cream is pretty light weight so for it to provide that much moisture it is mind boggling. In combination with the Hair Oil, I went 4-5 days without having to re-moisturize my hair and I had no product build up. My hair stayed super throughout the week and kept its elasticity.

I would defiantly repurchase, these products they are amazing & well worth a try!!

If you are interested in purchasing these products check them out HERE!

So Divas, have you tried this brand? Tell me what you think below!

If you haven’t tried it, are you going to try it after checking out this review?? Let me know in the comments below!

Oh and don’t think I forgot, I will have a tutorial up on my channel for both the Twist Out & Wash N Go So make sure you SUBSCRIBE to my channel so you don’t miss when those go up!!



Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Review


So I decided to step back into the drugstore foundation game, after being out for over 2 years. So I know I am late on it, but i decided to finally try the Maybelline Fit Me Matte +Poreless.

This foundation claims to be a tone & texture fitting foundation w/ a natural fit. This formula is for Normal to Oily Skin. I also says it contains blurring micro-powders that erase pores and absorb oil for a naturally matte and poreless-looking finish.


Light creamy formula with no distinct scent.


Now I will won’t say that I loved it right off the bat, because I didn’t. The shade I picked up is Coconut 355. The first time applied it and wore it all day  it felt like my skin ended up being really oily a lot sooner than some of my other foundations. Also the shade to me was a bust! See picture below. It was super ashy and kinda gray.


…Now I knew since that was 1st drugstore foundation in a long while, I decided 2 give it a 2nd chance. So, I went back to Walgreens and picked up a deeper shade, Mocha 360. I did end up mixing the 2 together to get my perfect match, but that is not a big deal to me. Now, once I found a shade combo that worked for me & found an application that worked, I was impressed.


I love this formulation because it provides a smooth, matte medium-full coverage look while still looking natural! This foundation is great for daily use and priced under $10 you have nothing to lose. For a flawless finish, I apply a dime-quarter sized dollop (depending on coverage wanted)  on the back of my hand and applied and blended it out with a damp beauty blender. To set the foundation, I then used my usual Black Opal Finishing Powder.


  • Great, Competitive Price Point
  • Matte finish
  • Lightweight
  • Doesn’t oxidize
  • Buildable


  • May have to mix shades for perfect match
  • Not long-wearing
  • Doesn’t stay matte all day
  • May have to mix shades for perfect match
  • Can cause break outs

Have you guys tried this foundation? What your thoughts and experiences?

Natural Hair

Flexi Rod Set Tutorial

Flexi Rod Thumbnail


Products Used:


Sally’s Currently has a sale on Cantu products: Buy 2, Get 1 Free, offer expires 5/14/17. Click any of the links above to take advantage of this sale!

Watch Video Below, Or check it out HERE!



Purple Makeup Look


Products Used In Video (In Order of appearance):




Simple Orangey/Peachy Matte Look


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Get Ready With Me: Champagne Pop

Top Blog .jpg




End of Bottom.jpg

Natural Hair

Faux Bun & Bang w/ KRS Hair Group Clip-Ins


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Relationships & Sex

Is Honest Really Important?


Most people love to talk about the importance of honesty in their relationship. Bout how many people actually practice it. How many of us are truly honest with our partner?


To some, honest is looked at as something most people can’t handle, just lip service. It is the first thing to give way when in light of a crisis. For example, if someone gets caught cheating, is the 1st impulse to come clean and admit the wrong doing? or is it to try and soften the blow and fabricate the cheating to make it seem less than?

But at the end of the day no matter how much people think you can’t handle it or how hard it can be to hear, honesty in a relationship is valuable and we should make it our business to keep it alive, no mater how much it may hurt the other person. The longevity & strength of a relationship depends on it.

The most important reason being honest in a relationship is that it stimulate trust and integrity.


Beauty/Makeup, Natural Hair

Beanie Lookbook(feat. Always Eleven)

Hey Guys!! I wanted to come through and do a real quick lookbook of some of my favorite Beanies from Always Eleven! ALL of these hats are satin lined, meant to protect your hair by retaining moisture and NO snagging!

If you are interested in checking them out you can purchase them on my Amazon Store!

Small Beanie
Pom Pom Beanie w/ Folded Brim
Vibrant Color Beanie-Pink
Vibrant Color Beanie-Pink

Thanks so much stopping by! Check out Video Look book as well below.


How I Remove My Makeup/Nighttime Skincare Routine {+Giveaway}

Night TIme Routine.jpg

Hey guys!!!

So I am back to show you guys my Night Skincare Routine, including how I remove my makeup. It’s a question I get ALL the time.

I am featuring some products from Vanity Planet and MaskerAide.

Products Used:




To Enter the Giveaway for a box of the MaskerAide Spotted, Click HERE!




EIRIS Watch Unboxing{Help Support Blindness}


Eiris Watches and just launched and they feature minimal classic timepieces.
Eiris (a twist on “iris”) is to support the organization Sight Savers. $15 of each sale will support the outreach activities of this group to eliminate avoidable blindness.
Watch Details:
StyleBrushed Rose Gold – White Face
Price: $149
Where to Purchase: eiriswatches.com
I Love the fact that you get 2 different band to swap out when you choose and it is very easy to do. Also you can purchase additional bands in assorted colors, they are $49.95.
This watch is nicely constructed and super chic and classic.